Joe Scarborough releases song inspired by Women’s March….yes, seriously

Saturday is the one year anniversary of the Women’s March. Never wanting to miss an opportunity to get some press coverage, the unreasonably angry,  liberal women took to the streets to…uh march again.

It’s still rather unclear what they are protesting. I mean it’s not like they’re living in Iran or something.

Maybe they all collectively decided they needed some exercise or some time away from their 12 cats. You know, some times you just have to get away, am I right ladies? Whatever their reasoning, rest assured the angry, female activists dressed so eloquently in their vagina hats while chanting incoherently, will have plenty of media sympathizers.

One of those in the media who apparently knows what it’s like to be a middle-aged white woman living in America is Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough. Come to find out hosting a third-rate morning political talk show isn’t all Joey can do.

He’s actually an extremely talented singer/songwriter. He probably ranks somewhere between Bob Dylan and Big Bird. Impressive company, I know.

Think I’m kidding about his singing and songwriting? Sadly, I’m not.

No, Joey boy decided Saturday would be a great opportunity to release his debut single!

Listen, if you can.

So, there you have it folks. And I know, what you’re thinking, no, he hasn’t announced tour dates yet, but keep checking back!

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