Vegas Shooter’s Girlfriend May Have Been at Hotel on the Day of Shooting

Laura Loomer, an investigative journalist who’s been persistently searching for answers in the Las Vegas shooting case, has uncovered something huge. A valet receipt from the day of the shooting shows that Marilou Danley, Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend,  checked his car into the hotel just a few hours before the shooting took place.

It’s possible that it was just someone using Danley’s name but according to Loomer, the hotel told her this:

“When a guest pulls into valet, we ask them if they are staying at the hotel or just visiting. If they are staying at the hotel, we issue them a hotel ticket and ask them for their first and last name. If they have a gold, platinum, or noir tier rewards card, they show us and then we would link it up to that instead because that makes their valet free.”

The FBI had previously said that Danley was vacationing in the Philippines when the shooting happened so either someone is lying or someone is pretending to be Paddock. Either way, it also appears he may not have acted alone.

And in previously sealed documents which were released on Jan. 12th, it was “revealed that Danley was more than a ‘person of interest’ to authorities, and rather was considered the ‘most likely accomplice’ to Paddock’s murderous rampage. The unsealed documents show that Danley’s fingerprints were found on ammunition located inside loaded magazines recovered from Paddock’s 32nd floor sniper’s nest.”

You can read more about Loomer’s findings here.

Something’s definitely amiss with this case and we may never know the true story of what really happened, let alone the motive that drove Paddock’s shooting spree.



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