Why Aren’t Feminists Cheering when Ivanka Trump Pushes STEM?

There’s a lot of talk these days about the lack of women who choose careers in science and technology fields. The New York Times has written about it. Feminists try to explain it by saying those fields are stereotypical male fields and for that reason, girls are told they aren’t as good at science or math as men.

So when Ivanka Trump recently visited a Connecticut high school to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathmatics), you’d think she’d be met with cheering from the feminist movement.

Not so much.

Instead, the story that hit the news cycle was that parents were upset when she made the unannounced visit. In protest, they pulled their children out of class when they heard she was there and one parent even told the local news station that she was “troubled” the parents weren’t told in advance the first daughter would be visiting.

How silly is it that parents’ disdain for President Trump means that they don’t want them exposed to educational opportunities that could actually inspire them to pick a STEM field as a career.

According to USA Today,┬áthe high school Ivanka Trump visited “runs on a program developed by IBM which allows students to simultaneously earn a high school diploma, associate degree and develop technical skills.”

Can you imagine if this had been Michelle Obama visiting the high school instead? They’d probably have given her some sort of medal. People should be excited that the Trump administration is encouraging STEM in the high schools but of course, they can’t do anything right because their last name is Trump.


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