Huffington Post editor wants ‘to kill all men’

It’s that time when we look back, remember and contemplate everything that happened in 2017.  The end of the year is also an opportunity to look towards the new year. The new year usually begins, for most people,  with optimism and wanting to better oneself, in some way, shape or form.

Normally, New Year’s resolutions usually come in the form of wanting to lose weight, spend more time with friends or family, finally going after that promotion at work, or some other worthwhile, harmless venture.

However, one editor at liberal rag The Huffington Post, had a slightly different New Year’s resolution. Editor and obvious genius Emily McCombs wants to eradicate all men.

Yes, McCombs, as she tweeted out Friday night, wants to “1. Cultivate more female friendships 2. Band together to kill all men.”

Now, as rational, thinking people can attest to, murder is frowned upon and threatening to commit murder probably isn’t the best of ideas.  However, for feminiazis like Ms. McCombs, it seems to be the goal.  I guess at least the tolerant, happy and inclusive woman was honest.

Also, the tweet magically disappeared from the social site, but no worries, we saved it for you to gaze at below.


– BZ

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