Lena Dunham Defends “Girls” Writer/Producer Accused of Rape

Lena Dunham is a disgusting human being. Not only has she dressed up as a Planned Parenthood doctor for Halloween, but she’s also wished she’d had an abortion and did some pretty disturbing things to her sister when they were children. You can Google that if you’re curious.

Back in August, she tweeted that women don’t lie about rape.

But when “Girls” producer/writer Murray Miller was accused by an actress of rape, Dunham has sprung to his defense.

In a statement issued through the Hollywood Reporter, Dunham and fellow “Girls” actress Jenni Konner “Stand by Murray.”

Also interesting to note, Dunham herself potentially fabricated a story about being raped in college. In her book she describes a night where she was walked home (conveniently by a Republican man) and claims that even though her memory is hazy from drugs and alcohol, that “Barry” raped her.

The Daily Mail reported that “both Brietbart and National Review were led by their research to a man named Barry, who was a prominent campus Republican when Dunham attended the institution. They looked for men named Barry, since Dunham did not explicitly state that the attacker’s name was changed, as she did for other stories in the book.”

And when they found “Barry”, he said he never knew Dunham, prompting her to release this statement:

“To be very clear, ‘Barry’ is a pseudonym, not the name of the man who assaulted me, and any resemblance to a person with this name is an unfortunate and surreal coincidence. I am sorry about all he has experienced.”

So which is it, Lena? Women don’t lie or they only lie when it’s someone you know? Seems like a conflicting point of view to have, especially when you’re a prominent feminist in Hollywood who’s supposed to be smashing the patriarchy.





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