Taylor Swift is Smart to Remain Apolitical

Today, Marie Claire published an opinion piece scolding Taylor Swift for not addressing politics or feminism on her latest album, reputation. In the article, the author states:

Fall of 2016 saw a slew of celebrities become outspokenly involved in the political process, as they should have. Taylor did post on Instagram about the fact that she was voting. And sure, some people interpreted her sweater as confirmation that she was casting a vote for Hillary Clinton, but was it really enough? Taylor is not required to be vocal about her politics (obviously, every American has the right to keep their vote private), but it’s also fair to side-eye and question her decision to remain silent—and said silence certainly contributed to her rep.

She then goes on to criticize Taylor’s brand of feminism:

Taylor was on the receiving end of criticism for being something of a poster child for white feminism. For years, feminist critiques of Taylor have been mounting, taking aim at everything from her music videos to her mostly tall/white/thin girl squad.

There’s no one “right way” to be a feminist, of course, but when you’ve built a brand (one marketed primarily to young women and girls) on female empowerment, it’s certainly worth taking a beat and considering your critics. Taylor’s failure to do so in a meaningful way has had a huge impact on her reputation

I’m a huge fan of Taylor Swift and have been since her country days. reputation has been blasting all week long on my commute to and from work. And I find it refreshing that the singer is silent when it comes to politics.

Without saying so much, the author almost insinuates that Taylor voted for Trump because she remained silent about the candidates throughout the election. She never told us, but so what if she did? She’s an intelligent young woman who seems like she knows the issues and it’s her vote, her choice.

We have way too many celebrities running around trying to tell us how to think and vote and at a time when we need the escape from politics, we look to our entertainers to entertain and Taylor is doing just that.

Her album sales have never been better and her latest tour is hitting huge stadiums starting next year. Half her fan base probably comes from deeply red states, especially since her roots are in country. Why take a risk and alienate them when there’s no need?

Here’s hoping Taylor sticks to her apolitical stance.


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