New Snoop Dogg Single Cover Depicts Dead President Trump

Did Snoop learn nothing from the Kathy Griffin stunt earlier this year?  Today, the Compton rapper shared the cover of his new single “Make America Crip Again” on his Instagram account. The image of the rapper shows him holding a drink while standing over a flag draped over a dead body labeled “Trump.”


The song which opens with “The president said he wants to make America great again/F*ck that sh*t, we’re going to make America crip again” and goes on to take a swing at Trump’s NFL comments last month. ““As I look around I see so many millionaires with skin like mine, don’t pretend that I’m with that bullsh*t your president been tweeting/Colin Kaepernick was blackballed… This still America with three K’s, believe that sh*t.”

Snoop Dogg is no stranger to anti-Trump sentiments. Earlier this year he released a music video where he assassinated the President who was dressed as a clown.

Is pretending to murder the President of the United States now considered performance art?

We get that you’re upset the election didn’t go your way. Really. But it’s time to move past it.


*Update: Snoop Dogg has deleted the image from his Instagram for now.


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