Watch out: Your cereal could be racist

What do you enjoy for breakfast? Eggs, toast and bacon? Pancakes and orange juice? Is coffee on the go more your speed?  Or do you prefer a nice bowl of cold cereal?

If you’re anything like me, given those options above, you’re opening the pantry, opening the fridge, pouring some milk and enjoying a satisfying bowl of cereal.  However, you best be careful, because that cereal you’re munching on could be… wait for it…RACIST!

Yes, you read that right, those sugar-covered morsels of goodness could be harboring deep-seated hatred towards a group of people simply because they look different from them.

Don’t believe me?  I present exhibit A below.

Yes, because people haven’t found enough things to be outraged over, they are now moving on to breakfast cereals.

But wait, the stupidity exhibited by this tweet, doesn’t stop there, the company acted, because you know, political correctness and feelings.

Kellogg’s responded by saying they are going to redesign the box, with the new boxes to arrive in stores soon, because you know, apparently cereal is “teaching kids racism.”

Is this what it we’ve become? Offended by boxes? Do we really have nothing better to do? Who actually has the time to look at a box of cereal and study the markings, anyway?

Is the guy/pop working as a janitor a shade darker than the rest of them? Yeah, appears to be, but at some point don’t we have to use a little bit of intelligence and you know, let things go? No, it’s much easier to raise hell about the smallest thing in order to feel morally superior and to demonstrate just how “woke” one is.

Constantly looking for things to be outraged and offended by can’t be a fun way to live. Bet that dude is real fun at parties.

Toucan Sam and Trix, you guys are good. Lucky Charms guy (foreigner): You’re ok for now, but please tone down the pot of gold talk, not everyone has gold and that is just not fair.

However, Captain Crunch and Snap, Crackle and Pop: You sugar-pushing racists, we’re coming for you next!




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