On the Anniversary of Trump’s Election, Liberals Plan to Scream at the Sky

File this under crazy.

Liberals still triggered by Trump’s win last year plan to “scream helplessly at the sky” on November 8th. Facebook events (like this one in Philadelphia) are popping up all over the social media site, urging people to ” have a primal scream for the current state of our democracy! Gather together after work at Philadelphia’s City Hall, or just scream in solidarity from your own backyard.”

The Philadelphia event has over 500 RSVPs and 3,000 more people interested but the idea apparently started in Boston and has generated quite a bit of interest, with over 4,000 people there RSVP-ing that they will attend.

“This administration has attacked everything about what it means to be American,” Johanna Schulman, an organizer of the event, told Newsweek. “Who wouldn’t feel helpless every day? Coming together reminds us that we are not alone, that we are part of an enormous community of activists who are motivated and angry, whose actions can make a difference.”

Just more proof that the left has completely lost their mind. If they keep this up for the next three years, they’re almost ensuring another Trump presidency.


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