U.K. Government: U.N. Treaty is Disrespectful to Transgender People Who Have Given Birth

The United Nations released a new version of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and has ticked off the U.K. government. Why? Because in the treaty the term “pregnant women” is used instead of “pregnant people.”

The treaty, which has been around since the 70s, is a pledge that countries will protect pregnant women and exclude them from the death penalty, but Britain is upset because the terminology excludes the transgender community, especially those who have given birth.

The U.K. government is now putting pressure on the U.N. to make the term gender neutral and inclusive to the trans community.

Interestingly enough, feminists are not happy about the move. In an article in the Sunday Times, feminist writer Sarah Ditum told the paper, ““This isn’t inclusion. This is making women unmentionable. Having a female body and knowing what that means for reproduction doesn’t make you ‘exclusionary’. Forcing us to decorously scrub out any reference to our sex on pain of being called bigots is an insult.”

Not to mention, women are the only people who can have babies. You may identify as another gender, but your reproductive parts make you female. No changing that, despite  what your head is telling you.

It’s been said before that transgenderism is a threat to feminism and they may just be right.




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