Hollywood hypocrisy on display once again

Lights. Camera. Action. And healthy serving of smugness, self-righteousness, a smattering of condescension and a big helping of hypocrisy.  I could go on and on but that pretty well sums up the Hollywood elite and their general state of being.

On any given day, those in Hollywood feel the need to educate the dumb masses. Because apparently an intelligent quotient increases significantly when you put a camera in someone’s face. Reciting lines someone else wrote while pretending to be someone else is an occupation that can only be filled by the true geniuses of our culture. I mean how else could you possibly explain such works of art such as King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Fifty Shades Darker, any film in which Gerard Butler appears or generally, any film that came out this summer? Apparently it takes a lot of brain power to produce garbage.

But even though their work is often sub par, that doesn’t stop them from preaching upon high.

From constantly yammering on and on about the danger of guns, the impending doom of climate change and any other topic of the day, Hollywood usually says one thing and then does another. A good word for that is a hypocrite.

However, this latest episode of Hollywood’s hypocrisy is utterly and completely stunning. Harvey Weinstein, the mega movie mogul behind such hits as Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Good Will Hunting and Shakespeare in Love, is as it turns out, not the greatest guy in the world.

The man used his status as a power player in Hollywood as an opportunity to harass, sexually assault, and even in some cases, rape actresses, hoping to secure a role in a Weinstein produced picture. From the scores of actresses that have come out to detail their experiences with him, Harvey seems to have made it clear, play ball or you won’t work.  Absolutely despicable anyway you look at it.

However, what’s interesting is apparently how widely known tales of Weinstein’s behavior really was in the entertainment field.  From everything that has since come out from actresses, Weinstein’s behavior was overlooked for decades, just conveniently swept under the rug.

But how can that be? How could Hollywood allow something as horrible and truly awful as rape and sexual assault go without saying something to someone at sometime? I mean let’s remember, Hollywood was the same group of people who were adamant that we couldn’t allow such a sexual deviant, misogynist in the White House. When the Trump Access Hollywood tape broke, the smug, self-righteous came out in full force. Let’s also not forget Lilly Tomlin and “Hanoi” Jane Fonda at this year’s Emmys.

Sexual assault and rape are disgusting acts that can have long-lasting, life-changing effects on the victim and which should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, no matter the perpetrator.

Hollywood, a little word of advice: Before speaking out on a topic with such absolute certainty and smugness, check and see if your house is in order first.  Ok?



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