Celebrities Band Together to #RejectTheNRA

Some of Hollywood’s top entertainers have come together to urge you to text REJECT to 644-33, which will connect you to Everytown for Gun Safety (surprise, surprise) and they will connect you to your representatives so you can tell them you “reject the NRA’s radical agenda.” They’ll even help you with the right words to say!

In the PSA, big names like Melissa McCarthy, Julianne Moore, Adam Scott, Emma Stone and Elizabeth Banks can be seen calling their congressmen and telling them to oppose the SHARE Act which  “could make mass shootings even more deadly” by “rolling back gun silencer safety laws.”

They also oppose concealed reciprocity legislation, which would allow gun owners to carry firearms across state lines.

The PSA, which is (not surprisingly) sponsored by Everytown and Moms Demand Action, is spearheaded by Moore, who began working with Everytown in 2015. She plans to ‘send one million phone calls to Congress until the next vote in 2018 to urge representatives to reject the agenda of the National Rifle Association.’

Because, you know, somehow the NRA is responsible for people committing crimes.

You’d think that in light of what’s coming out of Hollywood with the Weinstein scandal, that these celebrities would be in favor of people, especially women, arming themselves to protect against the sexual predators in their own circles.

Not to mention that many of these celebrities PROFIT off of action movies where they seem to have no problem using a gun when the role requires it.


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