Halloween Costumes are Racist Now

A magazine published for Ohio State University’s students, 1870 Magazine, has created a handy, dandy flowchart so you can determine if your Halloween costume is racist.

"Is your costume racist" flowchart from 1870 Magazine.

White people going as Prince, traditional head wear from other cultures, and humanizing inhumane people are all off limits. But it’s TOTALLY fine to wear a costume making fun of the President! (The flow chart doesn’t say so, but making fun of Obama is probably off limits.)

The funny thing is, according to the chart,  if you’re white and wear a Native American headdress, it’s completely racist. But if you answer no to being white, you could very well be African American or some other non-Native American ethnic group and it’s totally OK. Whiteness seems to equal racist at all times.

Halloween is supposed to be a fun day when children and adults can dress up as whoever or whatever they want. So what if a white child wants to go as Pocahontas? Let them! They’re not actually TRYING to become a part of that culture, they just want to dress up in a fun costume for one night.

Liberals really need to stop trying to say everything is racist all the time. You’re ruining a fun holiday for everyone.



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