Eminem’s Freestyle Rap Blasts Trump at BET Hip Hop Awards

Add Detroit rapper Eminem to the list of Trump haters. Last night at the BET Hip Hop Awards,  the fifteen time Grammy Award winner blasted the President in an impassioned freestyle rap that touched on everything from his tan, North Korea, Puerto Rico to the comments Trump made about the NFL.


And if you’re an Eminem fan who voted for Trump? Here’s what he has to say about you:

I’m drawing in the sand a line, you’re either for or against,

And if you can’t decide who you like more and you’re split,

On who you should stand beside, I’ll do it for you with this: F— you

The full lyrics can be found here.

It’s fine for Eminem and all the other celebrities to have an opinion about politics. They are people too and have the same free speech that the rest of us enjoy as citizens but when you start alienating parts of your fan base that’s put millions of dollars in your bank account, it comes across as pretty unappreciative. Like it or not, if musicians and actors/actresses want to continue to have success in the entertainment industry, they’re going to need middle America to buy their albums and see their movies.

And in an already hostile political climate, screaming that you “f–king hate Trump” is not helpful. It’s also ironic that the same Hollywood who proclaims “love Trumps hate” and “love wins” applauds Eminem for using his platform to take a stand. Also ironic that this comes from the same crowd who just a few years ago criticized the rapper for his violent and misogynistic lyrics.

The rapper is gearing up for the release of his eighth studio album and is no stranger to rapping about politics – he’s taken on everyone from Hillary Clinton to George Bush in previous efforts so it’s probably a good bet that this next album will be highly political since that’s all Hollywood can seem to churn out these days.


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