Hollywood, do get back to entertaining at some point

Last night Hollywood celebrated and recognized the best in television at their annual Emmy Awards. Stephen Colbert served as host to the yearly bash of millionaires giving other millionaires awards for doing their jobs. Anyway, anyone who thought the entire occasion wouldn’t devolve into a series of pretentious Hollywood celebrities espousing their highly sought after thoughts and feelings on Trump were only kidding themselves.

Right off the bat, host Stephen Colbert hits Trump about his pardoning of Joe Arpaio, the that fact the Trump never won an Emmy as the reason he ran for president, and even replayed a clip from a debate. He also had a crack about Emmys going to the winner of popular vote, unlike the presidency.

Did you get that witty and clever joke? It’s supposed to be funny because Trump won the Electoral College and not the popular vote. Then the entire room applauds the brave remark, apparently having never heard of the Electoral College.

What is this thing of which you speak?

But never fear, several others felt the need to let us know their highfalutin opinion about President Trump.

Kumail Nanjiani, while presenting some award for something, cracked that those who have the ability to run, jump and scale walls, the very people the president fears/doesn’t like.

Additionally, Alec Baldwin sarcastically thanked the president, saying he’s your Emmy Mr. President, which of course received a roomful of applause. Because of you know, groupthink.

Kate McKinnon, in her acceptance speech, thanked Hillary Clinton? Possibly because if she didn’t she would’ve been named in Clinton’s book as a reason she lost the election.

But the most galling, sickening and utterly disgusting display of Hollywood being Hollywood last night goes to Lilly Tomlin and Jane Fonda. The trio of actresses came together because they made a movie together three decades ago and for some reason they felt we needed to be reminded of that fact.

Anyway, Fonda and Tomlin go on to say that it’s 2017 and they will not be controlled “by a lying, egotistical bigot.” Yes, because the president is controlling you, keeping you from making millions playing make believe.

Hollywood is a place for entertainment, and the soon those who inhabit that town realize it, the better. No one, at least anyone I know, has sat back and thought, “Before I vote, I wonder how Alec Baldwin or Lilly Tomlin feels on this candidate? Would they approve of my choice?”

C’mon, asking Hollywood for political advice would be like asking Hollywood for guidance or direction on marriage or morality. They don’t exactly have the best track record in either of those areas. And one could make the case that they don’t exactly have the best record in the area of entertainment, a lot more shows are canceled than stay on and as far as movies are concerned, just look at this summer’s box office returns.

But once again, at the next award show, those who get paid handsomely to portray someone else will likely feel the need to tell us what they think about Trump or the hot topic of the day. And if you do feel the desire to tell jokes, bash Trump, at least make them somewhat funny or clever.

But, Hollywood, here’s a thought and stay with me on this one: How about just entertaining?


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