#NeverTrump Warned You

Last night, the AP sent out this Tweet, igniting a firestorm between MAGAs and the #NeverTrump crowd.

The President was quick to respond that no deal had been reached and seemed to backpedal on his previous stance on DACA and illegal immigration.

This may make some of our readers mad, but honestly, I don’t know how anyone can support this President anymore. I was in the #NeverTrump crowd. I saw through his phony conservatism, doubted a wall would ever get built and cringed when the GOP actually nominated this trainwreck for President.

When November came around, I chose principle over party and voted for a third party candidate I knew probably wouldn’t win but wouldn’t make me feel like I was betraying every single conservative conviction I stood for. My state is a red state. I knew it would go to Donald Trump and my third party vote wouldn’t matter in the grand scheme of things but I refused to cave to a candidate simply because “he’s not Hillary.” An R next to your name does not make you a conservative and I wasn’t about to eagerly hand my vote over to a GOP candidate that was poised to take the party even further from the principles it was founded on.

Well you know what? #NeverTrump was right. Matt Walsh wrote a great Facebook post this morning, highlighting how Trump has completely abandoned his campaign promises and selling out his base supporters. I couldn’t agree more.


Planned Parenthood is still funded. Obamacare still exists.  The wall will likely never get built.

MAGA people, it’s time stop drinking the Kool-Aid and realize you screwed up big time.




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