Former CIA Agent Wants to Buy Twitter to Kick Trump Off

It’s no secret that the President loves to use Twitter to rile up the left, attack CNN and call out anyone who’s not 100% behind him at the moment. In an age where news breaks first on social media and sites like Facebook and Twitter drive public opinion and interaction, it’s not bad that the President is adopting technology to reach his base and stay current with social media trends.

However, sometimes the President’s tweets (OK, most of the time) are cringe-worthy and even downright unfactual. But you know what? President Donald Trump can tweet whatever he darn well pleases because FREE SPEECH.

But former CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson thinks Trump needs to be banned from Twitter altogether and since the social media site doesn’t seem to be doing that anytime soon, she’s decided to start a crowdfunding effort to buy Twitter and ban the President herself.

She launched the effort last week with a goal of raising $1 billion and Tweeted this on her page:

So far, she’s only raised $6,000 and it’s unclear if Wilson did indeed reach her goal that Twitter would even sell to her.

Would it be nice to have a President that uses Twitter in a more professional manner? Absolutely. Should Trump refrain from engaging in Twitter wars with people who criticize him? Definitely.

Maybe if Wilson doesn’t like how the President uses Twitter, she should just unfollow him and stop trying to squash someone else’s free speech just because she doesn’t like or agree with what’s being said,


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