Hillary Clinton’s Next Career Move: Preacher?

It seems that the Clinton’s can’t (or won’t) just quietly retire to a mansion somewhere in New York. Or maybe it’s the media that won’t let them go, clinging to the idea of what might have been for Mrs. Clinton and dreaming about the possibility of Chelsea running for office in the near future.

Either way, Hillary has her eye on a new career – preacher

The Atlantic published a piece yesterday claiming that at a photoshoot for his new book about the daily devotionals he sent her on the campaign trail,  Mrs. Clinton told her longtime pastor she wants to go into the ministry.


You can read the full story here.

It’s hard to imagine such a polarizing political figure standing behind the pulpit preaching scripture and messages of faith when she has silently stood by a husband who has been accused multiple times of sexual assault and rape.

Or how about her views on abortion?

And then there are the issues of lying, greed, lust for power and maybe even murder if you believe the conspiracy theories about the Clintons.

Only God knows Hillary Clinton’s soul, but to anyone on earth that’s been paying attention to Mrs. Clinton over the past 20+ years that she and her husband have been in the political spotlight, Reverend Clinton isn’t really a title that seems to fit.


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