People on Twitter Celebrate John McCain’s Brain Tumor

Yesterday, Arizona Senator John McCain announced that following surgery to remove a blood clot behind his eye, the surgeons had found that he has a brain tumor. The tumor is the same kind of tumor that Senator Edward Kennedy died from back in 2009.

McCain seems optimistic, Tweeting that he hopes to be back to work soon.

It was good to see political opponents reach out and show their support, showing true class despite their differences.

However, as we all know, the Internet has a very dark side and many people chose to exhibit their ugly side after McCain’s diagnosis. Some even said the Senator deserved it because he was a traitor and RINO.




You get the idea.

I don’t care if you hate John McCain’s guts because you disagree with his politics, no one deserves cancer. Social media is turning us into cold and callous people who say terrible things because we can hide behind a keyboard and computer screen. Would any of these people march into his hospital room and say this kind of stuff to his face? Hopefully not.

Have a little respect and decency for humanity. Despite whether or not you agree or disagree with his politics, the man served our country in war and in the Senate. He has a family that loves him very much and I can’t imagine the hurt they feel when they see these kinds of comments on Twitter and Facebook.

Sometimes it’s best to follow this rule: if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Prayers to the McCain family and here’s hoping for a full recovery.


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