Brooklyn Public Library Hosts Drag Queen Story Time

The Brooklyn Public Library recently started a new type of story time for kids but instead of the usual librarian led program, the library is enlisting the help of drag queens. Yes, you read that correctly. Drag queens are reading picture books to children in New York City.

Kat Savage of the Brooklyn Public Library says the storytime is “fantastic because it addresses all of these issues of gender fluidity and self acceptance and all of these topics that are very, very real.”

Brooklyn Public Library isn’t the first library to host the non-conventional story hour – the trend started in San Francisco (go figure) and soon spread to the East Coast. The New Orleans public library is also hosting similar programs and progressives are celebrating the libraries endeavors.

Leave it to the liberal coastal libraries to come up with something like this. I am not a parent but if I was, this type of program would make me very uncomfortable, especially when being held at a library that my tax dollars go to support. Obviously I would have the choice not to take my child to that particular story time (and most definitely wouldn’t) but this feels like another way for liberals to push their progressive agenda on children.

This kind of story time is teaching kids that a man putting on make-up, dressing up in women’s clothes and high heels is normal. It’s teaching kids that gender is fluid and to ignore science and it’s, in my opinion, harmful to their development.

It’s fine to teach your children whatever you want at home but for this kind of blatant progressive agenda to be thrown at you in a public space funded by tax dollars? That’s just unacceptable and completely goes against the mission of the library to be politically neutral.



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