Gun Control Isn’t the Answer

Every time there’s a high profile mass shooting in America, the gun control advocates start screaming for “gun sense” and more gun control. It’s absolutely heart-breaking when someone uses a firearm to maliciously and purposefully take the life of someone and the Orlando workplace shooting is no different.

But what liberals don’t seem to grasp is that you can’t change a person’s heart and the heart of someone who would murder is filled with evil. In the case of terrorism that’s apparent because even when guns aren’t available to terrorists, they will find a way to commit the act. We’ve seen that in the recent knife attacks, bombings and even the utilization of cars to carry out their demented plans. The Boston Bombers used a pressure cooker yet we don’t hear liberals demanding restrictions on any of these tools of murder.

Instead of realizing people are the problem, not guns, liberals blame the Second Amendment, the NRA and some even put the blame on ALL gun owners.

How do you fix a problem that starts from within someone’s heart? Legislation and government overreach can’t stop and won’t stop someone from breaking the law because he or she doesn’t care about the law to begin with. That’s just common sense. Unfortunately liberals don’t seem to use much of that when it comes to discussing guns in America.


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