Kathy Griffin: When all else fails play the victim!

In America with a lot of hard work and a ton of determination one can become absolutely anything. Want to become a dentist? Cool. Want to own your own business? Go for it. Want to become the CEO of a fortune 500? Best of luck to you. Want to be a bum? You can do that too, although I’m not sure why someone would aspire to do that, but who am I to judge someone’s life goals?

America truly is the land of endless opportunity and limitless possibilities. And now, as evidenced by this week, one can also be a victim even when one instigates and provokes the entire situation.

Thanks to her boundless stupidity, complete lack of shame and a deathly fear of losing her livelihood, Kathy Griffin is now a victim!

By God she did it! She made it! But don’t let her fool you, it wasn’t easy. It was a multistep process that required an inordinate amount of idiocy, superhuman levels of blind partisan hate, off the charts narcissism and total detachment from reality.

First, it required Ms. Griffin to voluntarily post a disgusting and gruesome ISIS-like video of herself holding what was supposed to be the bloody and severed head of President Trump on social media.

Next, she had to post a half-hearted video apology feigning surprise at the outrage at the sickening display.

Wow! Isn’t she done? Isn’t that all it takes? No, Kathy, like a true idiot persisted. When someone else with half a brain would’ve quit, she kept going.

Then Kathy hired a morally bankrupt lawyer who announced they would hold a press conference to address the situation.

Then at said press conference she talked about the many ways in which she was under attack. Under attack from President Trump, his family, the Secret Service and white men everywhere. How her career is now in jeopardy, the assault on her First Amendment rights and every other way she has suffered from the situation she created.

The press conference was a true exercise in and display of unmitigated lunacy.

So, you see Kathy isn’t the bully. No, you have it all wrong, she’s the victim because why should actions have consequences.

Kathy, I salute you. You are a true inspiration to liberal hate-filled morons everywhere that with a lot of stupidity, Hillary Clinton-level narcissism and an inability to cry on command anything is possible, even being a victim.

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