Leftist Laugh at Barron Trump’s Reaction to Kathy Griffin’s Headless Trump Stunt

Barron Trump is only eleven-years-old and according to sources at the White House, he was completely distraught over Kathy Griffin’s bloody, headless Trump stunt a few days ago. Turns out, the boy was watching TV when the image appeared on the screen and he thought something awful had happened to his father.

Sadly, many on the left think his reaction is hilarious and Barron continues to be the brunt of jokes, especially with the Hollywood crowd.

It’s sick that people would stoop to this level to insult the child of a President. Any president’s child – even a president as polarizing as Donald Trump –  should be off limits, especially at such a young age. What is wrong with people? Can you imagine the outrage if people were tweeting these kinds of things about the Obama girls?

The left continues to get more and more evil and taking out the hatred of the President on his eleven-year-old son is stooping to a new low. It’s heartbreaking that Barron would see that image on TV and think something awful had happened to his father. No child should have to go through that but to LAUGH at it and make jokes about his reaction? Abhorrent.


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