Hillary Clinton still can’t accept responsibility for her loss

In case you’ve been in a coma for the last six or seven months, Donald Trump and not Hillary “what difference does it make” Clinton is president. Whatever your feelings about the Donald and Clinton, that is a 100 percent, provable fact. Want evidence? Turn on CNN and see who they’re bashing relentlessly and then turn on over to Fox News and see who they’re praising nonstop. Hint: It’s not the mother of Chelsea Clinton.

Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton and still-in-denial Democrats, yes, Trump is president, whether you’d like to admit it or not. But, for whatever reason they cannot get over that fact. They continually go back to the election and keep going back, to what has become something of a catchphrase, “yeah, well she got three million more votes than Trump.”  Yeah, and your point? Electoral college, nuff said.  It’s gotta make you wonder why the party that is supposed to progressive keeps focusing on something that happened in the past.

But as crazy as election-denying Democrats have been, their leader, their goddess, the woman who could do no wrong, Hillary Clinton has been even worse. The woman seems unable to accept any responsibility for her election loss.

In the last several months, Bill Clinton’s worse half has blamed James Comey, the Russians, the calendar (if the election has just been on Oct. 27th, darn the bad luck) and rampant misogyny for her loss.

And just when you thought, the pantsuit couldn’t come up with anything else, now she’s blaming her own party. Yes, the the Democratic National Committee is responsible.

Just check out this little gem from the never-to-be President of the United States.

Yes, Ms. Clinton you received absolutely nothing from the DNC. Except, wait a second… what is that thing they have before the general election? You know, I think it’s called a primary?

The higher ups in your own party conspired to hand you the primary, fearing Bernie Sanders didn’t stand a chance against Donald, thinking you would win for sure. Uh…that second part didn’t go as planned though.

Well the former Director of Data Science for the DNC wasn’t having any of it.

And here a few more he retweeted after being called out by her highness.

The only question that remains is who will she blame next? Well, boys and girls you’ll have to tune in next week to find out because guaranteed it’s never going to be herself.

Oh, Hillary please let us know who is next in line on the blame train, but after your walk in the woods, of course.

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