Hanson’s New Song is Unequivocally Pro-Life

Twenty years ago, the Hanson brothers were cresting to number one on the pop charts with their infectious debut single, MMMBop.  This past week, the trio released a brand new single, I Was Born,  a folksy, toe taping melody, which touts a very strong pro-life message.

If you’ve been following the Oklahoma born and raised brothers for the past twenty years, the message in their new song shouldn’t surprise you – Isaac, Taylor and Zac, often pen songs with subtle spiritual messages. They come from a conservative evangelical background with a close-knit family and while they never talk about religion or politics with their fans, it’s easy to see their spiritual upbringing shining through in their music and charity work.

I Was Born was released to mark twenty years in the music industry and is the lead single off a new Greatest Hits compilation, releasing later this fall. While MMMBop was about holding on to the people who really care because “in the end they’ll be the only ones there,”  I Was Born, is an anthem celebrating life.

I was born to do something
No one’s ever done, no one’s ever done before
I was born to go somewhere
No one’s ever gone, no one’s ever gone before, oh
I was born to do
I was born to go
I was born to be someone
No one’s ever been, no one’s ever been before

The lyrics reflect that all humans are born with a God-given purpose in life – we have a destiny to fulfill and goals to achieve. Life is extraordinary and people were created to change the world with our hearts and minds.

Don’t need a map, I can’t be directed
I’ve got a madness, don’t need the method
My heart is a weapon and my mind’s electric
I’ll shock the world when you least expect it
Everybody’s betting on the big guy
But don’t underestimate the sting of the butterfly, oh

The music video for I Was Born features eleven of the twelve brother’s children – fulfilling their respective destinies and lending an even stronger pro-life image to the song.

In a music industry that cares more about selling records instead of creating songs with lasting impact,  I Was Born is refreshing and has an important message to send: You are meant for something great – don’t ever underestimate your purpose in life.


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