Kathy Griffin: Vile and disgusting display

Generally, comedians are supposed to be funny, right? I mean it’s kinda part of the job. If you’re attempting to be funny and no ones laughing, you’re either watching an episode of Scrubs, the joke didn’t land or you’re just not a good comedian.

On Tuesday, there weren’t a whole lot of people laughing at Kathy Griffin’s uh…latest take on the President of the United States.

Just take a gander at this little piece of comedic gold from the mind of one of the giants of the comedy world.

Yes, you are seeing it correctly. Apparently, Ms. Griffin thought it would be screamingly funny to pose holding what is supposed to be Pres. Trump’s decapitated and bloodied head.

Unfortunately, for Ms. Griffin her “joke” backfired.



Several hours after posting her disgusting, revolting photo, she must have gotten the message because she took it down and posted a video apologizing for her “error in judgment.”


Listen, I get it comedians are supposed to be edgy, push the boundaries of taste. But this went way too far, anyone else who posted something similar would probably have a long chat with the men in black and who knows, she may as well.

But what really boggles the mind, what really is a head scratcher, (no pun intended) is that this is continually the same crowd that is constantly preaching diversity, acceptance and love.

At some point don’t they have to actually practice what they preach?


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