Department of Education to Propose Ending Student Loan Forgiveness

Over 400,000 students are counting on the Student Loan Forgiveness Program to erase their college debt but according to the Washington Post, the Department of Education seeks to end the program under the new Trump budget.

The program works like this: for students who enter into the public service workforce with the government or non-profit organizations, their student loans will be forgiven after making on-time payments for the first ten years of their career. If the program is cut,  public defenders, teachers, librarians, Peace Corp workers and some law enforcement officers taking advantage of the program will likely have to pay back their student loans.

As you can imagine, people are panicking.

“It would be absolutely detrimental to those of us who have planned our lives around this program. It would be the equivalent of pulling the rug out from under us,” said Daniel J. Crooks III, a government attorney who is expecting loan forgiveness from the public service program in six years. (Source: CNN)

So here’s the thing: I currently work in public service. I also borrowed money to get through undergrad & grad school. And you know what? I’ve already paid it back. How? Because I saved money from when I was a child to prepare for college expenses AND I also worked my butt off during college to help make loan payments as I went. I chose affordable schools in my own state so I wouldn’t be saddled with out of state college debt. I never signed up for the forgiveness program when I graduated and never would have dreamed of not paying my loans back completely.

Anyone who knowingly borrows money for college without the intent to pay it back is a thief. You, Daniel J. Crooks, planned your life around a low paying career with no intention of paying back the money you borrowed and the way I see it, that’s stealing money from the government.

Also, anyone with a brain knows that a public service job is not going to make you a millionaire. If it’s money you are after, may I suggest a different career path?

It all comes down to choices. YOU choose to take out student loans.  YOU choose your major. YOU choose the cheap or expensive school to attend. YOU choose which jobs to apply for. YOU choose a career.

It’s time to take responsibility for your choices and quit with the entitlement mentality.



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