We Cannot Coexist with ISIS

Yesterday, a suicide bomber killed 22 people and injured over 50 at the end of the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. Among the victims was eight-year-old Saffie Rose Roussos. Eight. Years. Old. Let that sink in a minute.

People who rushed to help before medics got there describe the scene as bloody and said they had to pull nails out of children’s bodies.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, although that has not officially been verified by police. New reports are coming out of England that this attacker was a “known wolf” terrorist and that authorities knew who he was but had not been seen as a threat.

What’s even more troubling is that seemingly young children and women in their early twenties were the targets for the attackers – Ariana Grande’s fan base is very young and very female. Feminists should be absolutely OUTRAGED by this as it was clearly a gender based attack but so far silenceĀ from their camp.

When they start coming for our children, the time has come to stop pretending that we can peacefully coexist with Islamic terrorists. Don’t just shrug it off as “something we have to live with” like the mayor of London did.

It’s time for the free countries of the world to take out ISIS once and for all. Terrorism is hard to fight but peacefully “coexisting” with a religious extremist group that gleefully chops our heads off is getting us nowhere.


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