Rep. Maxine Waters keep making TV appearances, please!

California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters, keep appearing on television, please!

I’m pleading with you, never stop going on MSNBC, CNN, CBS, and if you’re feeling up to it, even that dreaded, evil FoxNews network. Despite what your staff, your Democratic colleagues in the House and the Senate and your constituents may tell you, keep making national television appearances.

Your appearances are gold. Much like how cousin Eddie would describe the Jelly of the Month Club, you are the gift that keeps on giving.

Just take a gander at these flashes of pure, unfiltered genius.

And here’s your most recent appearance where that massive brain of yours is on full display.

My only problem, if I may Rep. Waters, is that all of your appearances seem to be on MSNBC. Branch out. Go on CNN. Go on CBS. Go on whatever network, television show will have you.

Because when you have that real, special, blind partisan brand of stupidity….I mean genius, that’s not something you want to hide. That’s something to share with the entire country and the world to let them know just what kind of mental giants inhabit the Democratic Party!

Go get ’em Representative!

– BZ

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