Protesting or just your everyday activity in Bloomington, Indiana

Protesting, speaking out against the government is a deeply held belief to most in the United States. It’s so ingrained in us as a people that we likely don’t think twice about calling up a congressional representative,voicing our displeasure with a particular vote or sending a critical tweet and tagging that same official in it.

Yes, protesting is important. But do you know what is even more important than making your differing opinion known to a member of Congress or even the President? How about expressing that opinion in a way that doesn’t make you look oh, I don’t know, like a crazy person.

For instance, last night people in Bloomington, Indiana (I know, big surprise.) gathered for a town hall with Indiana Congressman Trey Hollingsworth. Sounds simple enough, right? Concerned citizens get together to voice their opinions to their member of Congress. Alright, fine, cool, I can get behind that 100 percent.

However, Rep. Hollingsworth did not attend the event. Don’t know why he wasn’t there, but this is where things get weird, very, very weird. Instead, of packing it up and calling it a night, they talked to a mannequin.

You read that right. Hoosiers attached a picture of Trey Hollingsworth’s face to a mannequin with a jacket and talked to it.

Unfortunately, it didn’t stop there.

They held a “Die In” as well. What’s a “Die In?” Well, apparently it’s making tombstones out of construction paper, decorating them with phrases about the health care repeal bill and then laying on the floor, placing the paper tombstone on top of yourself and then acting as if you are dead.

Listen, I’m not saying their concerns aren’t real and don’t matter. However, in order to sway someone to your point of view, you’re probably gonna have to be rational and tempered in your approach. I don’t know about you, but laying on the floor, pretending to be dead with an art project on top of you and talking to a mannequin doesn’t exactly scream sanity.

But carry on Democrats, carry on.


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