Anderson Cooper Rolls Eyes at KellyAnne Conway During Interview

In case you missed it, Anderson Cooper had Kelleyanne Conway on his show to talk about President Trump’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey. During that interview, Cooper rolled his eyes TWICE while she was talking.

Not only was it incredibly unprofessional (last time I checked journalists were supposed to be unbiased and the eye-rolling is clearly a sign of political bias) but it was also pretty disrespectful to Ms. Conway.

If this had been reversed and it was a male anchor on Fox interviewing Elizabeth Warren or any other female from the Democrat party, the left would immediately shout sexism and come up with another hashtag like the #ShePersisted debacle earlier this year.

So where are the feminists defending Kellyanne Conway against this blatant disrespect and sexism from CNN darling Anderson Cooper? Oh, that’s right – they don’t care because she’s a woman on the right.

Ms. Conway hasn’t always been well spoken during the last 100+ days of the Trump administration but she still deserves the same respect that any other guest gets when going on Anderson Cooper 360.

She seems to be handling the disrespect with dignity & grace, though.


One thought on “Anderson Cooper Rolls Eyes at KellyAnne Conway During Interview”

  1. Whats new? He wants everyone to accept his homosexuality and not throw hate slurs at him but cant even give the american people the the truth from both political spectrums. He either lies or shows only parts of videos to make his guest look or sound like a liar or whatever he needs them to look like at the time. Shoving that liberal crap down his viewers throat in hopes of snagging a few. He is the worst journalist and pansy i have ever watched. .

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