Ladies of the GOP, Start Leading

Now that the House has passed a new health care bill, the Senate is hard at work on their version. The left has already been quick to point out that there are no women working on the bill and that once again “old, white men” are making healthcare decisions for women.

While I completely disagree that the male members of the GOP are doing this purposefully to try to control and harm women, I do think they need to step back and see that they have a very serious image problem with women. The left is winning this narrative and women overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

The Republican Party has no shortage of smart, independent women in politics and they’d be wise to include them when working on legislature pertaining to health care, especially if it affects women.

Sure, women voted these men in office but when image is everything, having a little estrogen on your team will go a long way to prove to the feminist harpies that you’re not the party of old white men and sexist pigs. Trust me, the GOP really doesn’t want women dying in the streets because they can’t get the healthcare they need. But the liberals have crafted a very convincing perception that they do simply because it doesn’t appear that any women are giving input on legislation that pertains to them.

So here’s a little advice to the men of the GOP: there are twenty-one Republican women serving in Congress. Reach out to them. Get them on your team and then maybe then the narrative will start to change and bring new voters over to the right side.


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