Indiana Democrats: The party of fear and irrelevance

Just in case If you haven’t turned on the tv, been on social media or talked to anyone in the last couple of days, the Republican controlled House voted and passed a measure to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. And just as you would expect, people are losing their minds.

I mean, look at these well thought out, rational responses to Thursday’s vote in the House.

Listen, I get it. To have anyone mess with your health care, like the government, can be scary, given the uncertainty. People are genuinely afraid about what may happen to their health care, what may change and when.

But let’s take a second, take a breath and calm down a minute. As you may recall, Thursday the House voted on and passed the bill meant to repeal and replace Obamacare. But last time I checked there are two houses in Congress. The Senate has yet to vote and even consider the bill, and once the bill leaves the Senate, if it even does, it’s unlikely to look anything like the House version.

But never fear, the politics of fear is out in full force. The Indiana Democratic Party (which is basically irrelevant in the Hoosier state) has been quite active on Twitter as of late, specifically targeting Congressmen Todd Rokita, Luke Messmer and Congresswoman Susan Brooks.

Before you say anything, I know both parties play on people’s fears in the hopes of swaying them to vote for their candidates in the upcoming election. But to act as if the bill has become law and to scare people into believing that they are going to die because of the big bad ole Republicans voted is laughable and disingenuous.

Now, let’s think for a minute why would the Indiana Democrats keep pounding on Rokita and Messer? Could it be because they have both been mentioned as possible Republican candidates to go up against for Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly?

The Indiana Democrats know Donnelly will have a fight on his hands come election time and they’ve already come out swinging, early. But I guess trying to convince people they are going to die unless their candidate is elected is what you do when your party is as relevant as the beeper.

– BZ

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