Poll: Trump’s first 100 days

100 days. That’s how long Donald Trump has now occupied the Oval Office.

While some people have moved on and accepted the outcome of November’s election, others are still having a tough time understanding that the pantsuit lost.

While some have reacted to the reality that Trump is president with total rational and proportionate bouts of screaming, yelling, stomping, marching, and destruction of property, others have taken a different route. Now, being the bastion of open-mindedness, tolerance and inclusivity that Hollywood professes to be, one would think they would’ve welcomed the new administration with open arms. Well, that’s not really been that case at all.


Regardless, Trump is president and the first 100 days are really the first big benchmark by which presidents are judged on the success of their administration.

Why a 100 days? Who knows, but it gives the media something to talk about and given the fact Trump himself set lofty expectations for his first 100 days, it seems only fair to look back and see whether he came through on his promises.

Now, legislatively speaking the Donald hasn’t been very successful at all. His health care repeal plan didn’t go quite as planned. It didn’t even come up for a vote for fear of failing to pass, saving the administration from an embarrassing failure.

However, he has signed a number of executive orders on issues, including border security, energy independence and offshore drilling.

However, presidents aren’t judged and remembered for their executive orders, it’s their legislative accomplishments that counts and on that front, Trump hasn’t been successful.

He’s talked a big game on taxes, health care and the wall, and none of those things have moved forward.

Really, his only big and crowning achievement has been successfully nominating and getting Neil Gorsuch confirmed to the United States Supreme Court.

So, knowing all of this, looking back at the president’s first 100 days, having both Houses of Congress, his administration hasn’t been quite the yuuuge success The Donald promised it would be.

At least not yet.

So, at least from my point of view, Trump gets a C. Average, but not awful. Decent, but nothing to get too excited about.

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– BZ

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