Why does the media LOVE Chelsea Clinton & hate Ivanka Trump?

“The sins of the father are to be laid upon the children.” – William Shakespeare

The media and left wing Democrats certainly took that quote to heart. When covering Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump, Clinton always comes out a winner.

Since the November election, Democrats have been trying to make Chelsea happen. They really, really, really want her to run for office and are practically salivating at the thought. She recently graced the cover of Variety, where they questioned her extensively about her role in the current political climate.

The New York Times seems to run a story on Clinton every few weeks. They’ve covered her upcoming children’s book She Persisted, talked about the “soul searching” that’s gone on at the Clinton Foundation following the election and most recently, wrote an adoring piece about how Chelsea’s Twitter account has started to show a feisty personality since President Trump took office.

Hmm, they must not be reading the same feed that we are.

Somehow, Chelsea skates by in the media without ever having to answer questions about her father’s sordid sexual past. The only time that Clinton seems to have been questioned about her father’s accusations came from Cosmopolitan and her answer was basically to deflect the question:

“I find what Donald Trump — and many of the Republicans, because it’s not only Mr. Trump — say about Americans far more troubling than what he says about my parents,” Clinton replied. “And people have been attacking my parents my whole life, so maybe I am just inured to that, but I tend to think that people who are at the forefront of progress do attract more negative attention from those who want to protect the status quo.”

Yet when it comes to Ivanka, she’s somehow “complicit” in her father’s agenda and an enabler of his administration. Other outlets have written scathing articles about how she’s silent when it come to women’s rights across the globe and that instead of being an asset to her father’s administration, she’s the problem. And just yesterday she was booed in Berlin when talking about how women who worked for the Trump business thrived because he saw their potential within the company. The New York Times was all too happy to write a story about that.

Truthfully, neither of the women should have to deal with questions like this in the first place. They aren’t responsible for either of their father’s behavior in the past. But if the media is going to keep badgering Ivanka about it, then they ought to be doing the same to Chelsea.



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