Trigger Warning

Just a few generations ago, young men were shipping off to fight in World War II and the women were stepping out in to the workforce to keep things running back at home. Now, college aged individuals are crying, rioting and retreating to their safe spaces whenever a speaker comes to campus that they don’t ideologically see eye to eye with.

The University of California, Berkeley has seen its share of melt-downs recently. Just yesterday it was announced that Ann Coulter’s scheduled appearance was canceled due to safety concerns. EDIT: Coulter’s event is now back on but being moved to a later date. And earlier this year, former Brietbart provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos  got the plug pulled on his event at Berkeley after protesters and rioters caused $100,000 worth of damage to the campus a few hours before his speech.

What is wrong with millennials? And what is wrong with Berkeley? The university has long been a champion and leader for free speech and it’s extremely embarrassing that a beacon for the First Amendment can’t even teach its own students what that means.

Unfortunately, Berkeley is not the only university to see a push back from students when bringing speakers to campus. Christina Hoff Sommers, known as the Factual Feminist, often “causes trauma” to students with her lectures about the myth of rape culture and the toxicity of third wave feminism. When she spoke at Georgetown University and Oberlin back in 2015, campus representatives felt the need to issue “trigger warnings” to their students and Oberlin even went so far as to create a safe space for students to gather after the lecture to discuss what they were feeling after hearing the “offensive words.”

Sommers responded by pushing back against trigger warnings on her Vlog, saying that classrooms are not “feelings circles” – they’re supposed to prepare students for life and trigger warnings are an embarrassment to women by demeaning them and conveying that they are too delicate to handle certain topics. She’s 100% right.

Popular Blaze blogger Matt Walsh recently caught some flak at Notre Dame, which you would think would welcome him with open arms since both he and the school are Catholic. After all, the school hosted pro-abortionist Wendy Davis and put her in a large auditorium where she stumped for Planned Parenthood and a woman’s right to choose. But for Matt, that was not the case.

And according to some who attended his talk, he was so offensive that a student began yelling that he was a bigot, decided to leave and as she was walking out the door, yelled “I’d rather go to hell than be in heaven with him!”

There’s always going to be people we disagree with – heck you might not even agree with everything we write on this site – but that’s the beauty of America. The Constitution grants you the right to have any opinion you want and to speak about anything you want, even if it’s offensive and hateful.

Maybe instead of burning things down or throwing things through windows, the safe space loving millennials should instead utilize THEIR Constitutional right to free speech and speak out against what they find troubling. A well thought out argument against ideas they disagree with is a whole lot more powerful than rioting or retreating somewhere to cry about how they feel “triggered.”

Real life isn’t all sunshine and roses. You’re probably going to get your feelings hurt more than once. Man (or woman) up. Don’t be this girl.


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