Tomi Lahren is a Snowflake

Tomi Lahren talks an awful lot about “snowflakes” but with the latest drama involving the former Blaze “Final Thoughts” host, it seems like SHE’s the one being a snowflake. Last week. Lahren announced she was suing former boss Glenn Beck  over “wrongful termination over her comments favoring abortion rights” which aired on The View last month.

But according to Beck, Lahren wasn’t terminated and is still being paid by The Blaze. “It is puzzling that an employee who remains under contract (and is still being paid) has sued us for being fired, especially when we continue to comply fully with the terms of our agreement with her,” a Blaze spokesman said.

Today, things got even uglier when Glenn Beck hit Lahren with a counter-suit saying she was suspended after clashing with other Blaze personalities,  repeatedly “inappropriate and unprofessional” during her interactions with crew members during her Blaze TV show and that she also broke company rules by revealing her wardrobe budget in an interview.

Beck says it’s not about Lahren’s pro-choice comments and that you can be “pro-choice and have a job at The Blaze.”

There’s also been lots of squabbling over who has control of her official Facebook page. Tomi says she’s been shut out and can’t access it. The Blaze says “and for the record, Tomi has had, and continues to have, access to the Facebook account in question. None of this makes sense. The Blaze continues to comply with its agreement with her.”

Sounds to me like the young millennial got her feelings hurt when she was slapped on the wrist for not complying with workplace rules so she decided to make a stink to try to get her way.


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