Tax Day! Christmas Day for the Left

Tax Day! That wonderful time of year when you’re forced to hand over your hard-earned money to good Ole Uncle Sam. It’s like Christmastime for bureaucrats! Except instead of leaving milk and cookies out for Santa, massive amounts of pork are the desired treat.

Needless to say, taxes aren’t something most have a great amount of interest in unless you’re on the left. The left has become creepily obsessed with Pres. Donald Trump’s tax returns and catching a look at it. But to be honest, I thought MSNBC and Rachel Maddow put that to issue to rest already? Right?

Nevertheless, no amount of stuttering and stammering from Ms. Maddow would appease the lemmings on the left. They recently held tax day rallies/protests demanding Trump hand over his tax returns.

Based on the creative and inventive messages displayed on their signs, I’m guessing it probably wasn’t the biggest gathering of MENSA future or current members ever.

Should Pres. Trump release his tax returns? Yeah, probably. Is he under an obligation to do so? No.

Am I gonna lose sleep if he decides to never release his returns? Not in the slightest.



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