And the left continues to lose their minds

More than six months after the election of Donald Trump, liberals and Hollywood celebrities continue to exhibit childlike behavior on a semi regular basis, throwing profanity-laced temper tantrums because Hillary “what difference does it make” Clinton isn’t sitting in the Oval Office. Now,  I was never a Trump fan and the idea of voting for him was something I couldn’t bring myself to do. However, voting for Clinton was an activity I couldn’t stomach either.

Having said that, the election of Donald Trump took place in November, he was inaugurated in January and it’s now April. Point being, that the election is over and Donald Trump is president, whether we like it or not. Still, having differing views from the man in the Oval Office and peaceably assembling to voice those dissenting opinions is a right afforded to every American. But the amount of sheer stupidity exhibited by the left on an ever-increasing basis is bewildering and frankly, extremely entertaining.

For instance, noted scholar Sarah Silverman spoke at a rally over the weekend urging President Trump to release his tax returns. During  her speech, one of her eloquently delivered lines was “show us your f***ing tax returns, you emotional child.” Does she not see the irony in that statement?

Also, there’s Katy Perry who said in a recent interview with Vogue: “I have an issue with suppressive males and not being seen as equal.  I felt like a little kid again being faced with a scary, controlling guy. I wouldn’t really stand for it in my work life, because I have had so much of that in my personal life.”

Really? Really? I’ll admit that on occasions that the severity of Donald Trump’s spray tan can be a bit scary, but at no point did it reduce me to a child.

And then there’s Saturday Night Live, I will admit Baldwin’s impersonation of Trump has been pretty consistently funny. But when making a political statement gets in the way of actually fulfilling the show’s purpose, which is to entertain, that’s when it becomes a problem. This past weekend’s episode was painfully unfunny, but that might have more to do with the show’s host, Jimmy “I’ll sing and it’ll be really funny” Fallon.

Sadly, this was the funniest of an unfunny episode.

Oh, well. Even though, I may not have voted for The Donald, watching the left lose their minds over the fact that he’s in the White House, is pretty entertaining.




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